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Over the past few weeks, I have received so much amazing feedback on the Bare Campaign magazine!

Words like…

“This campaign has truly changed my life.”

“I no longer hide away. I feel so free!”

“Every woman NEEDS to do this.”

So I’ve been thinking…

Would you be interested in volume 2?

If I do this campaign again, I would want it to be even bigger and better. 

This would mean a luxe, framed piece of wall art instead of a small print. A printed magazine for every participant. And maybe even a magazine reveal party for everyone (including past participants) to celebrate in person.

Here’s where I need your help:

Tell me who I should feature in volume 2!

If you did NOT participate in the original campaign, you can apply to be on an interest list here:

If you DID participate, share this with a friend and tell them why they should participate. Why do you think they will be an amazing fit and inspire other women?

If there is enough interest, I’ll put something together.

This campaign has truly been so powerful, and I would love the opportunity to continue it for another group or inspiring women!


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